Our Story

This is the road that started it all. 

I was driving down a remote dirt road in Costa Rica and passed a small sign for surf bikinis. I threw the car in reverse, bounced down the even more desolate dirt road you see above and found a husband and wife team making bikinis in their house. I asked to design my own custom bikini and they made it for me overnight. When I picked it up the next morning I knew my passion project was officially born.

That same afternoon as I sat on the sand in my new bikini I watched a butterfly migration over the sea. It was like nothing I'd ever seen before. Thousands upon thousands of butterflies (a symbol of transition) swirling over the ocean was my sign that change was literally in the air. At that moment everything became clear.


I wanted to build a brand. I wanted to build a brand around products and stories I cared about. Most importantly, I wanted to do it all with people I cared about. And this is how Gilded Coconut came to be.

Thank you for coming along on the journey.


*That is a picture of me carrying our very first collection to the beach for a photoshoot.